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Chef and Owner Jason Scholz, along with his wife Jessica created Street Frites Mobile Eatery out of a passion for great food, hospitality and a love of the Frite. The inspiration for Street Frites began with a trip to New York City in 2011. Before Denver became home, Jessica lived and worked in Manhattan where she discovered a wonderful little snack shop in the West Village serving Pomme Frites served with a wild array of delicious sauces. While on holiday in 2011, Jessica shared her secret addiction with Jason, trampling through the rain soaked streets of New York City, with a salty, crispy french fry in hand, and it became clear, they NEEDED to bring this goodness to Denver. Over the next 3 years that idea grew legs and became a thriving food truck operating on the streets of Denver. Street Frites Mobile Eatery has now positioned itself a favorite among the Denver Street Food scene.

Jason comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and Industry professionals. His father, a very successful business man, instilled in him the possibility to live out grand ideas. His grandfather was an owner and manager of various restaurants and is responsible for teaching Jason how to chop an onion, smoke meat to perfection and paved the road for Jason to understand the importance of turning your passion into your profession. Having never attended a professional culinary institute Jason was trained on the job, working alongside his grandfather starting at the young age of 8, and eventually becoming a Certified Sommelier and Wine Director. His love of fine wines and hospitality in combination with his seasoned palate have helped him create interesting flavors, textures and combinations with a desire to please.

Street Frites began operation in the spring of 2014 with a very simple menu of Belgian Style Fries, 10 interesting sauces and frite platters called “Toppings” Over the first few months the menu began to expand with European style Bratwurst and Hickory smoked wings. Word began to spread slowly that a new specialty Food Truck was beginning to make culinary waves in the Mile High City.

After a trip to Europe in the Fall of October 2014, Jason became inspired by International Street Food and how the Global community eats. After many conversations, Jessica and Jason began to transition the menu to include a more items inspired by Pub Food found in the UK and US.

The new year (2015) began with a decision to sell the first “frite mobile” and purchase a larger Food Truck in order to continue the dream of creating a Menu to include Street Food from across the Globe. “Big Blue” launched with a new menu in March focusing on International Street Food from South East Asia to Europe, from Latin America to the deep south of the U.S.

Jason Scholz » Chef/Owner 

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